What's next, after 1.3? No discussion of timelines allowed

Hi Danny and Mike @mike @danny

Absolutely lovin version 1.3. I’m sure your immediate priority is any bug fixes to 1.3 and ROCK and MQA decoding (a big deal obviously).

And what’s after that?

Well before 1.3 came out you guys were talking about up-sampling and other DSP features coming (which obviously did come).

What are the next big things?

You don’t need to give a timeline btw.

This is just more of an informal conversation about new things to look forward to. In the mean time there is plenty to obviously enjoy with 1.3 :slight_smile:

I can make an announcement. The next big thing will be 1.4, and the next really big thing will be 2.0!

I’m reliably informed that after 1.3 we will have 1.31.

We have also been asked to avoid a big one thread related to the next upgrade.

I think we all saw the effects of natives getting restless as 1.3 release became imminent.

There is s desire (AFAIK) to avoid repeating this.


Very funny guys, but I wasn’t meaning version numbers and timelines (that was in bold in my OP!) :slight_smile:

Talking big features that are on the roadmap :slight_smile:

As I said, up-sampling and other DSP features were discussed well before 1.3 came to fruition, so this was nice to know that it was coming. I definitely don’t want this thread to discuss any timelines (as in bold in my OP)

Updated the thread title, if my OP wasn’t clear enough :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t call MQA a big deal since a small number of people would benefit from the implementation. I rather see those resource spent in improving the basic stuf of Roon playlist/radio etc.

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Anyone with Tidal hifi will be able to use it, so I guess it’s more than a small number.

Whether the alleged benefits have been overhyped or over-stated in any way is another matter of course. It’s certainly low on my priority list, but it’s just one of those things that many see as a ‘must have’ feature at the moment.

Although we may like to think of ourselves as sophisticated audiophiles the reality is we are all just big children.

And if we post a thread with loads of goodies listed it will soon become

ooh! I want that when can I have it.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?



Eeep, this was more for Danny and Mike to talk about the roadmap ahead

Not a feature request thread which already exists :frowning:

Didn’t take long to start spiraling off topic lol

There’s never been a shared roadmap, and as far as I know that’s a deliberate decision, so the entire thread is OT.

I would say MQA first stage de code IS a big deal. It means we get 96/24 into our systems FOC via Tidal.
With the Studio De Blur we all benefit and with an MQA DAC we benefit more.
The MQA catalog will only grow over time. What’s not to like and want?

Not a big deal to me and i suspect to a lot either but that tbh is a educated guess.
I do not like Tidal and there push of Hip-hop i for one prefer Qobuz.
On top of that i am a bit sceptical since there is a lot of contraversy about the benefits of MQA in general and if there is a blur to start with.

I see a small group within the Roon community pushing MQA which is fine.
But i think there are equally a lot of people who would like other developments prior to MQA and lets face it from those improvements we all would benefit.

We need to agree to differ. I just ignor Tidal’s bias to modern Hip Hop and `Grime etc, I still find anything I want easily. Most recently Van Morrison with ‘Them’ from 1965.
As for MQA, it’s easy to hear and enjoy the benefits and I want more of it along with decoding.
Other streaming options would be great and I’m sure Roon are working on it but if they don’t want to play it’s out of Roons control.
Just looking at my collection I have more music than anyone can enjoy in a lifetime whilst I seem to be adding to it daily via Tidal.
The glass is half full and filling up here… :sunglasses:

I respect your view and indeed lets fill up that glasses i just watch a horrible soccer match of my country in ages :frowning:

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What I did agree with was the announcement that future updates would be smaller and more regular, rather than waiting for many months on end for updates. Keeps the software feeling fresher, makes the changes more digestible and the process more responsive to user input, IMHO. As a comparator, Launchbox is similarly burgeoning software in the arcade/emulator field, and they are releasing updates pretty much weekly with great community/user involvement (and it’s free too).