Whats' the best Pi linux image for Roon?


I’m looking to run Roon on a RPI 3 with Allo Piano 2.1 + Kali

and also a Pi Zero W with Allo MiniBoss.

What’s the best OS to run on these for Roon?

Also, what’s the min card size I need?

Thanks all

@Dan_Mason you can’t run roon on a rpi, but it will run roon bridge. There are a couple of easy distro’s to do this with being ropieee or dietpi.

Secondly the pi zero will not run roon bridge as it is not arm7 architecture.

Min 2gb cards should work but 8-16 is so cheap these days and faster that it’s a no brainer to use them.

See the system requirements in the knowledge base for an understanding of what is required to run roon server or core or perhaps rock


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Ah thanks wizardofoz.

Ok so I run Roon bridge on the Pi with either ropieee or dietpi.

Can the zero be used at all with Roon? I was hoping to use it over RAAT for the zone groupings etc…


You need roon bridge to use RAAT, so no…shairplay does work with dietpi

or you could install dietpi on the zero and the run squeezelite on it. Roon would see it as a squeezebox but you may run into problems with zone groupings.

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I am running shairport sync (a port of shairplay) on dietpi on all three of my endpoints without issue. Both Roon and shairport sync hold on to the device while playing so you can’t have one bump the other. It took a little fiddling to get my USB DACs to work but the HifiBerry worked with the stock configuration.

The HifiBerry Roon bridge works very well for me. on my Pi2

Does the Hifiberry Image support a USB Dac, too? I want to use the digital out of the hifiberry board + an IFI iDSD with usb.