What's the best way to get WiFi on Nucleus?

I’m currently using several Google WiFi, and am switching to AmpliFi Alien WiFi 6 Mesh Router. Many of the firewalls don’t play well with Mesh units. That unit is $380, and the ‘only’ reason I would need another one in my audio setup is for that one Ethernet port, into the Nucleus.

Sure, I could buy another unit. I could pay to have an ethernet cable ran. Or, why not allow a $20 usb dongle? Certainly a $1500 unit has this capability in 2022 (almost).

What am I missing?

Use ethernet to your Nucleus. Nothing else.


As Jim_F said, use ethernet.

Nucleus is intended to be used with a persistent, high bandwidth connection. This ensures reliable, high-quality audio connections, and reliable end-point to server connections.

You might be able to cobble a system together that uses wifi, but I strongly suspect you’ll regret it.

Best of luck, and happy holidays

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I think what is being missed is the amount of data the Roon core will push out. It will easily overwhelm a Wi-Fi network. People here are warning you but not telling you why. I up sample everything, because I can, then I send it over the network. A terabyte of data, easy, daily. Others on the network noticed.

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