What's the cheapest and easiest way to backup the DB?

Hello people, I’ve had a ROCK fully working for almost a month, I set up dropbox backups but it seems to be filling up, right now it’s at 1.7GB of the 2 free GB. So what would be the cheapest, easiest and reliable enough way of keeping a DB back up? A USB flash drive? External HDD? External SSD?

I obviously don’t have a NAS, in case you were wondering.

I would be looking for the easiest and best way, not necessarily the cheapest. When it comes time to use your backup for a restore, you’re going to want it to be there and to work. I use a USB HDD plugged into my Nucleus to do automatic backup’s every night. I keep the last 30.

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Any usb storage device will be easy. A usb thumb drive will be the cheapest and will work fine. Dropbox is not a good option as even small DBs will fill up a free account.

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