Whats the consensus of the all time bestest, greatest ROON Remote in the Universe?

Thanks for sharing your experience with your favorite Remote.

I’m on the prow for a tablet. Not sure what size or OP system.

I currently am using my Iphone… which is good but not great.

Ipad stopped working… need to open another thread to trouble shoot that.

The Windows Surface Pro’s look cool. I would proly buy used and find a deal on a generation or two older… I live in a college town and the students sell their stuff when they leave for Summer.

The latest generation of Amazon Fire HD tablets work great as Roon remotes once one installs the Google Play Store app, which is not difficult - just follow the instructions available on either Google or YouTube.

And at the moment these tablets are on sale for Mother’s Day.

Hmmm, quite a criterion. How about a team of butler, housekeeper, cook, footmen, and chambermaids who learn your musical likes or dislikes and always have their Roon remotes with them?


I really like the iPad Mini 3 as a Roon Remote. It’s small enough to handle easily and large enough to display stuff. There’s a pretty good second hand market so you don’t have to buy one new. I’ve also used an iPad Air 2 and a laptop as Remotes. I prefer the Mini 3.

The only thing I may advise against someone buying even a used iPad Mini 3 is it is rumoured (could be false) that this is on the list of products that won’t get Apple’s next iOS update, iOS 13… I’m sure Roon Remote will continue to work ok for some time but you won’t get iOS updates like for security etc.

The newest iPad Mini may be a safer long term buy.

For the sweetspot between small size to hold and big enough to do stuff on, I like the iPad Air (10.5”). I’ve seen the biggest iPad Pro and browsing on it is absolutely gorgeous but a bit too big for me for a couch/sofa remote.

Good advice on the obsoleted hardware. I have a couple of perfectly fine Mac Mini’s I cant upgrade the OP systems on and it sucks. They have SSD, lots of RAM, decent graphics but cant even get Mtn Lion on em.

iPad Air 10.5 looks interesting but kind of pricey.

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I am thinking too

No one even mentions Samsung ? The 10 in A series is cheapest and seems to the job ?. I have played with the 6 in version but not the biggie

It is but my iPad Air 2 has been running the latest iOS since 2014… this year will be 5 years and it’s also on the list not to get the next iOS update.

I think that 5 years of having an up to date operating system should also be factored, when looking at the price…

If my iPad Air 2 doesn’t get the next iOS update, I’ll happily get the current 10.5" iPad knowing I should (never any certainty of course) be good for 4+ years.

Maybe 4 years from now we’re doing Minority Report stuff :grin:

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iPad Pro 12.9”.
With the larger iPad Pro, you can choose between portrait AND landscape using it as a Roon remote.

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This is off-topic, but Ubuntu runs fine on them, in my experience. And RoonServer runs fine on that.

Learning a new OP is kind of beyond my patience level. I have a huge catalogue as well, so prolly not a good fit anyway.

I bought one of my kids a Samsung Tab 5 years ago and it wont quit! He treats that thing like a rented mule. How it survives his soccer bag alone is a miracle.

I’m all about value.