What's the deal with roon radio?

Not talking about radio stations. (Roon marketing should do a better job differentiating).

Talking about the roon radio that starts playing stuff after an album ends.

I know there’s been a lot of griping about this, but c’mon.

It seems to lock in on a handful of artists and will not let go.

Curiously, when one of the four or five artist it plays comes up, you can look at the recommendations and they are way more diverse. You can go down a rabbit hole for days. Curiously, roon does not.

I seem to recall that radio is based on roon user likes. Roon does not have enough users to influence likes on a mass scale like Spotify, Apple or Amazon.

Maybe roon should replace the radio algorithm (AI? Lol) with the recommendation engine, plus deep dive.

(Don’t tell me they are the same. I don’t believe it.)

Anyway, rant over. Carry on.


Not a good feature. How does it go from Louis Armstrong to playing U2? Useless.

I remember liking Radio before Valence and not liking it after that. But I revisited the feature recently and have found value in it again. I seem to prefer Radio when I limit it to my local library, but I am more open to adding Qobuz options and will likely experiment today.

One thing that kinda irks me is that even if I have a local, preferred mastering in my local library, Roon Radio will choose the Qobuz file…even if they are both 16/44.1