What's The Difference Between Focus and Tag?

Am I correct in thinking that a major difference between Focus and Tag is that Focus automatically adds new albums/tracks that meet a certain criteria while Tags requires you to update them manually?
That said, if I do a Focus search on certain criteria and then create a bookmark for it, that bookmark will always give me an up-to-date result.

I Bookmark ‘Tidal MQA Albums’ for instance and then I can immediately select this group of albums.

But you have to Tag each album first manually don’t you?

Yes, I do them as I upload them. I think you can focus on a group and tag them all somehow. Not done this but I’m sure someone will explain the method.

Bulk tagging.

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For the most part yes, although tagging Genres, Composers, Artists, etc will update as you add new content to your library.

We are hoping to add dynamic tags in the future (meaning you could tag a “focused” view of content, as opposed to the content itself), which would function more like an iTunes Smart Playlist.

Thank you Mike. Focus is dynamic while (currently) Tag is static (for the most part as you said). Dynamic tagging, that would be great! Thanks!!


+1 for dynamic tagging :wink: and also search restricted to current focus/tag view