What's the latest news on Nucleus?

Sorry if I’ve overlooked something obvious, just couldn’t find anything.

I’d like to set up a ROCK server asap and considering a NUC, but the Nucleus would possibly be more interesting.

@jon_michaels Looks to be available here.

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Thank you!

Tic toc, tic toc…
Anyone find a listing in US?

Instead of tic doc for timing with a clock, maybe it should be flip, flip as with pages on the calendar.

What he said! :arrow_up:

First shipments hoping to go out this week. Mass production in progress!


Could you provide any details on what the Nucleus offers, especially versus Mojo Audio’s Deja Vu?

Unsure what CPU they are using, but they have focused on attached audio, and Nucleus focuses on the best Roon Core experience.

Also they are about twice as expensive as the Nucleus+

At least they’re forthcoming on tech specs, even though they won’t be shipping until 2/2018. And it’s nice to see the ability for multiple Ethernet ports and thereby avoiding any need for a switch when using a NAS. Guess they’ll be somewhat more configurable than Nucleus. But again, nobody at Roon is divulging much in terms of specs or configuration management.

Specs were stated back in May, weren’t they?

I see that they are at long last reaching dealers, e.g. https://www.wifimedia.eu/en/roon-nucleus.html

The specs have changed since that show, but more importantly, they’ve become unimportant because we’ve optimized the board and the OS heavily. It’s like comparing Apple vs Samsung… Apple devices regularly out perform Samsung devices, but the Samsung devices are way higher speced.

We aren’t going into technical details because it would be stupid to compare on gigahertz and gigabytes. Instead, itll be functionality focused.

Worldwide units have been hitting distributors all month, US dealer units started going out this weekend, and Nucleus is also available on Amazon in the US.

I’m going to close this out since the units have started shipping.