What's the most well-reviewed cost-no object Roon streamer?

I’m having major problems with my big bucks name brand streamer right now, and basically have been for months. It’s crazy how something costing 1k will frump out 4x as often as the little Rasp Pi3/HiFiberry DIY thingie I made.

So, for my main system, theoretically cost-no-object but realistically <$1500 would be nice, what are people considering the “best” Roon streamer around here?

A “streamer” can take on several forms. Are you looking for a Roon core device, aka Roon Server? If so, any of these should do the trick depending on your needs and budget https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/audio-server

A Sonic Transport can also be configured to “stream” directly to a DAC via USB if you want.

If you already have a Roon Core/Server, then you just need a RoonReady endpoint, so something like a MicroRendu should be reliable and pretty much plug n’ play.

Yes I guess what I meant is a Roon endpoint. The Aries is an endpoint, yes?

What features do you need? Do you want wireless? Do you want your endpoint to contain a DAC or not?

Yes, the Aries can be a Roon endpoint but that is not its original design
intention, so it has a lot more to it than just Roon. In fact, Roon is a
relatively new piece of functionality for the Aries (I have one). It is
more expensive, more complex to setup, and at least mine has not been as
reliable as a MicroRendu or Sonic Transport. I haven’t done an A:B test so
I can’t say if there is any SQ difference with the Aries but if there is,
it isn’t readily apparent to me in everyday listening.

I would want wireless with both optical and USB output, no DAC necessary. Already have the microrendu and sonicorbiter and am looking to try something different. Have already built a Rasp Pi 3 with hifiberry that’s nice for a little upstairs system, and have also messed around with the nanopi neo.

You could take a look the Bryston Digital Players. http://bryston.com/products/digital_audio/BDP-Pi.html

I think you have pretty much defined the Aries. Maybe you want to wait for their new “Uber” model that is supposed to be announced soon?

Exasound PP1 is an excellent Roon streamer and can use AirPlay but currently only works with their DAC. DCS also just released an upgrade for the Vivaldi Upsampler (and maybe the Rossini) that make them into Roon endpoints. No WiFi but you can always add an outboard WiFi extender for that.