What's the problem with roon

Big problem with Roon who for a few hours no longer recognizes the favorite albums of Tidal and Qobuz. I had to reconnect to both services but there still seems to be a major bug. I restarted Roon at least three times Restart, and Rebooting Nothing to do. Sometimes I get some Qobuz albums in Albums but none from Tidal. I do not have access to overview , to any album in my favorite Tidal+Qobuz etc… What happens what exactly at the mercy

Hi @pierre_jubinville, sorry for the trouble here.

Were there any changes to your setup around the time this started occurring? Have you tried rebooting your router and other networking gear?

I really don’t know what happened. I rebooted Roon and everything went back to normal. I had access to my Tidal and Qobuz albums. Weird. By the way, how many albums can Roon handle?
thank you

Glad to hear it’s back to normal, @pierre_jubinville.

That depends on the Core machine and what kind of functionality you’re trying (i.e. more advanced DSP + multiroom will be more difficult on larger databases). How large is your library currently?

More than 5000 albums on my Nas and 3 mille albums from Tidal and Qobuz

A lot more than that but it depends on the hardware you are running it on.

Nucleus + Nas Synology ( DS218) 2 X 14 TB
Computer One SSD 500 G + Another hard drive 3 TB

Hi @pierre_jubinville,

The Nucleus+ supports over 100,000 track libraries, so it sounds like you should be okay there without a significantly large increase in library volume.

allo Dylan you are talking about 100 thousand tracks. because someone else at you wrote me 100 thousand albums and 1 million tracks.No limit !!!100,000 tracks is like about 10,000 albums. because recently I already had my 2600 albums from tidal and qobuz and I already had on my NAS 3 thousand albums. I didn’t have a problem until I added 1500 on my NAS. the system seems to have crashed

There’s a difference between how many particular hardware can handle and how many roon the software can handle.
A nucleus or nucleus + is not the biggest, fastest, most capable hardware that can be put together. So it is limited, necessarily do to keep it silent.

what would be your recommendation if we don’t want any problem if we add a private collection of 5 thousand albums to the one gathered by tidal and qobuz 2600. to avoid a slowdown in the system, that the treatment remains fluid. I have a little trouble understanding these subtleties. I thought roon could handle 10,000 albums and covers without problem, which does not seem to be the case in my case and I have not yet reached this figure. obviously my private collection is on a Nas synology two western digital hard drives of 14 TG each. I don’t have harddrive in the nucleus.
Thank you

As Dylan says your nucleus+ should be fine. If it is not then I would look elsewhere in your system.
As an example I have a lower specification server and my 6k album library is very quick.

my Nas ds218+ would it be the source of the slowness problems observed recently. it is as if ~the Core is not enough for the task ? I have a nucleus and not the nucleus +

I don’t know, could be storage or network or both.
You need proper roon support.
The Nucleus should be fine for your library size.

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Hi @pierre_jubinville,

There shouldn’t be any problem with adding that content. Your Nucleus+ will do just fine, but please let us know if we can help with anything!