What's with the mailing on Soundiiz?

Totally gratuitous add on to an announcement about Qobuz. Should have been marked as an ad or something. Especially since all its most useful features require subscribing to the premium tier. And it doesn’t connect, in any way I can find, to Roon.

Just another money-suck.

Hmm, I got a mailing but because it was to my Roon id/email address I assumed it was fron Roon.

Are you saying it was fron Qobuz?

It was from Roon Labs.

I don’t have any problem with it. I’ve used Soundiiz free tier a while back, and was pretty impressed with how well it worked. There’s nothing better that I know of for moving collection infos around.

I’m guessing Roon highlighted it for people thinking of trying Qobuz and/or Roon as a way of migrating their playlists and collections from, uh, other services.

Maybe they get a nickle or two from Soundiz… No big deal.

P.S. If I’m not mistaken, you can pay for a month of Soundiiz and do what you need to do and then be done. Depending on how extensive your needs, it could be a bargain v. doing it manually.

(And P. S. I have no affiliation.)


I don’t know what’s happening with mailings to be honest.

It irritates me as well…

I noticed MusConv tool can be a better option instead of Soundiiz to be honest, far more easier if you ask. Does anybody have some other experiences with this?

You can turn mailings off in Settings --> Account.