What's your most compressed track?!

Just a bit of light-hearted fun…

I didn’t really know much about compression prior to using Roon. Sure, I’d heard of it, and was aware of it, but it was only the arrival of those lovely waveforms on every track that bought home what was going on with the music as I was listening. In fact, at first I thought there was something wrong with the way Roon was normalising the waveforms as there was often no detail :wink:

I have to say compressed doesn’t always sound bad to me, but tracks that sound the most ‘in your face’ or ‘wrong’ are often really compressed. I listen to a lot of electronic and what you’d generally classify pop I suppose (even though I hate the term), so there’s plenty in my library.

So what’s your worst?

I’ll start with a Radiohead track ‘Staircase’ - about as solid as it gets. Strangely I love the way this sounds in my car, it works perfectly, but on the home hifi, it’s a bit rough. I was really surprised the difference. Maybe it’s used creatively?

Have you heard of ‘The Loudness Wars’? They master the music for loud impact on car radios and the like to get noticed.
Remastered is not always better, often it’s just ‘Louder’.
Less space in the music. If I want it loud, I can turn it up myself, and still keep the dynamics.
You will find that you tire quickly with music like this. Whereas with music with dynamic range (quiet bit are quiet, and loud bits are loud) you can listen and enjoy all day. Also it’s more interesting and real.
I find you need light and shade. A massive drum or chord played after a quiet section of music has real impact. If it’s all loud it just sounds flat. By the time the average punter has worked this out, they have spent their cash or looked at the advert on Spotify.
We have a generation of people who have no idea how music should sound.
If an artists chooses to release a flat compressed sounding piece, then that is ok as its her decision. Note, I won’t buy it…

There is a Swedish software for free that shows rather many aspects of what a mastered or remastered file has encounter. And that is no jolly reading. Feel free to discover MasVis http://www.lts.a.se/lts/masvis