What's your preferred method of interacting with Roon when it's time for some listening

When it’s time to kick back and listen to some music, what’s your preferred method of interacting with Roon?[poll]

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • PC/ MAC
  • Ultraportable / Surface type PC with keyboard
  • Other (please describe)

I can be more specific: iPad. I have a Surface that I use as a tablet without a keyboard, but I always pick the iPad because of startup time.


iPad Pro as a full time Roon Remote. I definitely wouldn’t want a laptop with me for listening.

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Google Pixel C. Lots of power, lots of screen real estate.

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PC across the room being controlled by an Air Mouse held in my hand, pointing at my 55" screen displaying Roon.

For me, the two biggest differentiators are

  1. Displayed Pixel real-estate…IMHO, the Roon UI benefits from being able to display more Vertical and Horizontal Pixels [e.g. using a wider display allows ALL of the Focus options to be displayed, rather than having to scroll left and right on Tablets]

And iPad’s [& most Tablets] are limited to displaying 1024 pixels width in landscape mode…while Ultraportables and small laptops can easily achieve 1920 displayed pixels…[12" iPad Pro can display 1366 pixel width in landscape]

  1. Easy access to keyboard and shortcuts to enable Quick Filtering, Browsing, Focus and Search…all of which making filtering a large library down into a more manageable “slice” to work with and select music from

@evand, I think you missed large touchscreen attached to a PC or Mac.

That’s covered under PC/MAC.

I disagree. PC/Mac with keyboard at a desk is a very different user experience to a hidden PC/Mac with touchscreen in the living room.

That’s a weight penalty of over 2x the iPad Pro.

I can’t edit the poll, could one of the @moderators add “hidden PC/Mac with touchscreen in the living room” to the poll options? Failing that @joel you could vote Other?

What is??

Ten Characters

a Surface

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I think most users here can handle a difference of 0.7lbs…especially when the user rests the device on their lap or the couch’s arm-rest

To each, their own…but it’s pretty clear that different devices suit different users…even when they are chilling and listening

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iPad Air

It tends to be used for Roon, internet browsing and a bit of forums, shopping, etc. Lounge based tasks.

Anything heavier would be too much for me for extended holding, and I think the iPad pros are silly on many levels so this is as big as I’d go.

Only thing I’ve really had issues with is playlists (too limited real estate), and sometimes slight delays waking.

There are limitations, but I’m really happy in general.

I also wish I could use my older iPad minis - too expensive to get new iPads for kitchen etc even though I’d like dedicated Roon devices elsewhere - hopeful for the API paving the way there.

Incidentally I also use iPhones and that interface works pretty well. But it’s convenience over preference there.

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iPad mini 4, amazing experience, maybe a larger IPad will join the club in near future.

Please vote :grinning:

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Personally, I tend to use my Surface as a Tablet, so I’ve added my vote to the Ultraportable choice - even though for my preferred usage the keyboard is irrelevant…

I’ve just got Roon server up and running on a NUC, so I’m messing about with as many device formats as possible right now.
iPad Mini
Surface Pro 4
MacBook Pro

I’m currently favouring the SP4, for its size mostly. If I owned an iPad Pro I would probably favour that instead.

I should add that the experience is very positive on all the divorces so far, which is testament to how well written the apps are.

iPad Air 2 for me… use it everywhere 2nd choice is the MBP