What's your preferred method of interacting with Roon when it's time for some listening

When I want to just kick back, then my preferred means is my iPad Pro (love the big screen), but often just my iPhone for convenience. But when I’m working on my computer, I use the Windows Roon controller for playback on my desktop.

+1 (Mac) I also run a Roon Remote on my iMac at my desk. But for [quote=“evand, post:1, topic:18216”]
time to kick back and listen to some music
[/quote] I listen and watch (read) Roon on TV. :relaxed:

:grin: (sorry)


Haha! Whoops! Damn you, Autocorrect! Many a true word said in jest? :joy:


What does “interacting with Roon” mean in the topic question?
We’re talking about Roon “controllers”, right?
We’re not referring to the Roon server or outputs, right?
(Even though, to my thinking, all these are part of the interaction).

My music library and Roon Server is on a continuously-running Mac Mini.
The Mini is connected via USB to an integrated amp with built-in DAC, which is connected to speakers. Usually I’m controlling playback from a MacBook Pro, but I also can control from an iPhone, or from an AppleTV.

I’m also using the Pixel C, it’s my dedicated Roon remote.

@Henry_McLeod, how does the Roon Discover screen perform for you?
Mine is slow.
If you are willing to share your experience, please reply to this thread: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/stability-performance-issues-with-android-7-0-nougat-google-pixel-c/14627

I tend to use a laptop but Android tablet and phone as well.

Device size: some (notably @Danny) speak of the value of a large screen for Roon, hence iPad Pro 12". But I also often read on the iPad, either reading about music or musicians on the internet or using it as a better Kindle, and then I like the weight and size of the iPad mini (less torque on the wrist when holding it in one hand). As a compromise I use a regular iPad. But I’m torn.

What I need is the iPad 13 with the expanding holographic display…

I think the discussion of the various affordances for browsing, enabling discovery and following relationships, undermines the voice control value proposition. An Amazon Echo or Google Whatsit is useful if you know what you want, which is not my primary Roon use case.

Actually, it is probably a common use case but not the unique Roon differentiator. Haven’t tried it. We will see…

“Alexa, play something interesting that I haven’t heard in a while but aligns perfectly with my mood right now…”


Multiple positive divorces puts you in a very special class. :wink:


Hilarious :joy:

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C’mon folks, 78 votes hardly makes for a representative sample of forum users.

The forum is in any case not representative of an overview of Roon users, even if everyone on the forum voted…

Didn’t imply it to be.

Main system: iPad Air or iPad Pro

Desktop system: iMac keyboard and mouse

As your ex wife left you, she said, “I hope you and your Roon thing will be very happy together.”


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Would be interesting to know how the tablet use is spread between Apple, Android and Windows.

Roon core on a headless NUC, controlled by various Android phones (Galaxy S4, S7, Nexus 5X) and a Samsung tablet. Interacting with 3 profiles. And a laptop when used as an endpoint.

iPad is my main go to device.
surface Pro would be my no 2.

I wouldn’t be without my iPhone access either though for the times when all the other tablets are in use by family members.

Editing however is so much easier on a PC there are a lot of edits to make.

Isn’t it great that Roon uses all these options?