When album focus on "Classical" the "View more" item is no longer visible for composers

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 / tower PC / 1.8, build 756, 64 bit

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Everything over wired Ethernet (except of course the iPad remote) - this is not a network problem…

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Devialet Expert connected by Ethernet

Description Of Issue

I am on an iPad Pro (10.5 inch) running the latest iOS and Roon app.
I start with all my albums.
When I just look at focus I can see an “View more” item in the Composer column - circled in red

However Composers really only make sense for classical albums, so I start by focusing on the genre Classical.
Now when I try to further focus on Composers, there are only the first 5 listed and suddenly the “View more” is missing - and no, there is no way to scroll in the focus-window.

What do I need to do to be able to see all the composers in the focus listing when I have only the Classical albums selected?
(Going the other way - first chossing the composer and then the classical albums - is not a practical solution as the start of the process is a bookmark for the classical albums. Also you need many more steps and need to do a lot of typing to find the composer.)

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Same here.

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After more than a year and a lot of gushing reports from Roon staff about the improvements made in search, I can still not see all the albums in my library when I click on the corresponding Focus filter in the composer/discography view.
Pretty basic stuff, it would seem.

Information on ROON setup as well as screen shots and problem description see original post “When album focus on “Classical” the “View more” item is no longer visible for composers](https://community.roonlabs.com/t/when-album-focus-on-classical-the-view-more-item-is-no-longer-visible-for-composers”.

If there is Support, looking to get a solution - soon…

Your original topic thread got closed automatically by the system. I’ve merged your new post into the original thread and reopened the thread so that @support can help you. It looks as though your request slipped through the cracks the first time around.

Is your original issue still present or are you asking about a new issue? I ask, because I am not seeing that original issue - I see “View More” for Composers when focused on the “Classical” genre:

The original is still present.
Please let me know that someone is on it - so it does not “slip through the cracks” again.

What build of Roon are you using on your Core and clients/remotes?

Hi Geoff,
I always use the most recent (stable) builds. Currently


Please can you post a screenshot of the current album browser screen with the Classical genre selected and the Composers list showing in Focus? .

And can you give the number of tracks/albums in your Library (totals are found on the Home screen). Thanks


My library is not that big…

The problem is: With Bach as composer I select discography and use the library button to filter. Result 21 albums.

With Bach as composer I select discography and click on the three dots and select “View albums in library”: Result 42 albums.
So how many do I have? 21? 42? Or maybe something else altogether?

The doubling of the number is a coincidence - with Beethoven it is 8 and 14 respectively.

Hold on - that screenshot is showing the “View more” link for Composers when the Classical genre is selected - I thought you said that your original issue was still present (missing the “View more” link)?

So we are now talking about a different issue?

Focussing on ‘Classical’ in My Albums definitely shows the ‘View more’ link under composers, same as under the rest of the focussing criteria. So the original issue seems to have been resolved on the way.

This is using the current production Mac Roon App as Remote.

I’ve looked at my own library and done the same as you for Bach. One view gets me 92 albums, and the other 94 albums. I exported the views as CSV format into two Excel spreadsheets and compared them. I found two albums were duplicated, the Switched-On Boxed Set and Veni:

Further investigation will be done - it’s probably some poor quality metadata…

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Thanks for looking into this.
However in my case there are no double entries as you can see from the screen shots.

Just done this for Beethoven. Result is 76 versus 77 albums. The reason for the extra album is that I have two versions of Dreams & Prayers. One view picks up the duplicate, the other does not (this was also the case for the Bach experiment for the Veni album).


I think in your case we are looking towards metadata being the cause of your issues…

Could you explain why the meta data is the problem?
In my thinking, if two queries to the same (meta)database give two different answers, the problem is with the queries, not the (meta)data, since the (meta)data is identical in both cases.

Well, I would check the metadata on one of the albums that is missing from your first view, and compare it with the metadata that is present in both views to make sure that they are consistent as far as things like composer and composition are concerned.

There’s such a great discrepancy between your results and mine that something is clearly wrong in your setup. I have very small discrepancies (one or two albums), and I know what is causing them. In your case, if it’s not metadata, then it could be database corruption. If you can’t see anything obvious, then @support will need to look at your database to see if the issue lies there.

Thanks for the hints, Geoff!
I looked at the metadata on two of the albums.
The one missing has a tag from Roon that indicates the composer is Beethoven.
The one that shows up has a composer tag that I added.
No matter which, I would expect Roon to pick up both albums - but especially the one that it tagged itself!
Any additional thoughts?
@support What do you think?