When can we expect a stable release on macOS Catalina?

I just updated my Mac to Mojave last week…

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XML file works now

Again, I repeat myself after the OP - So when can we expect a stable release on macOS Catalina?


This whole situation is completely preposterous. Catalina developer previews have been available for a long time. We pay good money for this software. Why is Roon asleep at the wheel and mailing it in here? This is completely reprehensible and unacceptable.

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I think all the folks complaining about things not working with a new OS update need to do what everyone else with niche (and not so niche) software products does. Either wait until the OS has ironed out the glitches (and there are plenty this time around), or if you just couldn’t wait and have been burned already, go back to a previous OS and get on with it.
I think it is likely that the folks at Roon are doing what they can to get things working as soon as they can. If it does it for you, imagine they are sitting back bathing in the money you paid, but really, we all just have to be patient.

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Though I understand the advice, I don’t believe this is fair to all users. Apple is actively marketing (pushing) upgrading to users. At the same time I do not recall seeing any warning from Roon (or Apple) that upgrading might break functionality and to wait with installation (to give Roon credit: neither have I seen warnings from Adobe or the likes).
So, while I understand that it may take some time to fix the problems, software companies should actively communicate to their users to wait with an upgrade of MacOS. Not just in user forums, not just via email (though better), but even better with messages in the Roon app itself.

(Note: if Roon has indeed sent such messages, I stand corrected…)


Hi @Mark_N,

I have much sympathy for this point. It’s reasonable. It would still not catch every single scenario where incompatibilities are only caught ‘out in the field’; but if users also took reasonable backup and roll-back precautions the happiness index would soar all around.

Much of the outrage on related threads in this forum, not in your post, seems over the top IMHO. It could just as well be directed at Apple or - perhaps more fruitfully - whoever does the maintenance and upgrading of the MacOS systems the affected software runs on.

I am confident that Roon is addressing this with urgency behind the scenes, but wants to get it right and not create false expectations. Meanwhile I stick with Mojave.

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for this expensive piece of software … !! lazy buggers living the good life from the money they made … get back to the grind [moderated] and fix this!!

wtf - apple releases it early (beta) for developers - beta not alpha

Does that really work? I mean, is it more like bathing with Epsom salts, or bathing in goat’s milk?

My Tidal is DOA w new update, EXCEPT…ROON still works, CORE and all. Just reboot if select zone pops up.

Now why they keep telling me in an email to clear cache, reboot, clear apps, etc.,…knowing full well the dmg won’t mount because of executables and OSXsizing of Apples balls to open.

I’m trying another hiFi stream.

For those having trouble understanding why there is a delay between a new OS release and updates for third party applications, here’s a perspective:

For nearly 18 years, I worked for a company that was wholly owned by Apple (though this perspective works equally well in the MS and other OS world as well). Like everyone else, we looked at the beta’s, but did not try to finalize our remedial bug-fix actions until a new OS’ golden master was released.

The logic for this is that until the golden master is released, the OS company is still making changes; often large ones. Trying to fix an application while the OS is still changing is a sure fire way to introduce fatally buggy software, or force even more significant delays on customers because you have to fix your fix.

If you think that beta software is safe to finalize code to, you simply don’t understand the process.

Beta exists to shake out bugs, which must then be fixed. This is not a linear process. Fixing bug ‘A’ often creates bug ‘A1’ which unpredictably impacts third party apps. Check other major software vendors, and you’ll find that they have Catalina-ready delays as well. To make matters worse, Catalina is showing itself to be somewhat buggier than recent previous releases. This means that Apple is doing fix releases at a pretty quick rate with no way for a vendor to know 100% that these OS bug fix releases won’t also be problematic.

roon has proven to be highly responsive to OS changes. I’m guessing that Catalina is forcing more significant coding/testing/testing/testing/ & more testing than the typical OS release.

We’ll get the update when roon is able to deliver their normal super high quality.


my inability to export music (for my portable player) has been finally fixed behind the scenes on their end - weird but … yay … currently running roon core on mac mini running 10.14.6 mojave - one of my remotes is MBP 10.15 catalina running roon which couldnt recognize my hard drives connected to the remote mac or my nas … had to pull out my dell in the meantime … i always hold off updating my core mac … with my remote mac (laptop) i prefer keeping up to date … thanks roon back to my perfectly running system … love those ‘silent fixes’ … dr j

Exactly, good call. Never had soooo many issues with os on phone and mac pro. Never even close. Too many it’s disturbing. But no messaging is bad messaging. Be transparent.

It’s been weeks since Roonlabs has heard From their customers about the external disk issues after upgrading to Catalina. Roonlabs has exhibited how they go about supporting their customers during this issue.

Not only did they not alert all Mac users not to upgrade to Catalina, but they not once let their customers know the status of their progress on getting this fixed. Very poor customer service.

Other software works against Catalina so we all know this is doable.

I think we need to email Enno Vandermeer who is the ceo to see if he knows what’s going on and if this is how he wants to run his support staff

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For what it’s worth, i alerted roon support to issues with roon on Catalina around the release of apple developer beta 3… Which was in July.


Fix is out.


My hats off to you, Danny et al.

@QuinnT So glad that’s over. That was a nightmare. :roll_eyes::gun: