When hitting play, Roon cycles through all songs but doesn’t play

Mac mini)**


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Sonore Ultrarendu

Description Of Issue

Roon won’t play. Hit play and all songs cycle through but won’t play. Restarted all electronics. Worked once, then repeated problem. Mac mini.

Hi @Matthew_Neal,

Does the same behavior occur if you play to System Output?

It did not occur with System Output. It appeared to be fixed after rebooting the dac, but only for one album, then it continued. I stopped using it altogether, and the next day, the problem did not reoccur.

Hi @Matthew_Neal,

What kind of DAC do you have connected to the UltraRendu? Are you using the latest firmware for the DAC?

Since System Output is not affected, this sounds like it could be the connection from the Core to the UltraRentu/Attached DAC.

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DAC is Topping D50s, bought in June. I believe it has their latest firmware, which was 2019. Per Topping:

“D50s user’s manual and drivers for Windows 7 or above

User’s manual and Drivers for Windows 7 or above (MAC, IOS, Android needn’t a driver)

Version: V4.67.0”

The Sonore Ultrarendu does not have their latest update, has one prior. Unsure if it’s necessary. Any knowledge of that particular product?


Hi @Matthew_Neal,

If you connect the Topping directly to the Core as a test, does that work?
Does the issue occur only with the Rendu in the mix?

Updated ultraRendu software. Seems to have fixed it so far, used for a day.

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Hi @Matthew_Neal,

Thanks for the update here, do let us know if you run into any other issues!

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