When I click a song in a playlist, the entire playlist should be queue'd not the remaining songs

What the title says.

If I have a playlist of 100 songs, and I click song #50, this should queue the 99 other songs, not the 50 other songs.

Current behavior:

Clicking song #50 queues songs 51-100.

Expected Behavior:

Clicking song #50 queues the other 99 songs.

The behaviour you see is the expected behaviour when selecting at the song level. If you want to operate on the playlist as a whole, use the blue button at the top left of the screen

I suggest perusing the Roon Knowledge Base, in particular the section on playlists.


I just want to add that the blue buttons can be arranged on the Settings/Play Action screen. There is setup for both Playlists as a whole and Playlist on a track level. At the track level, as you have seen you can play from or queue from here; but, not the whole playlist (unless you are on the first track).

Which is ridiculous. Why can’t I play my playlist by clicking a track. Every other music client supports this that I can think of, and I’ve used Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, Pandora, etc.

Seems strange that this wouldn’t be the default behavior. If I want to play a specific song to start my playlist with my queue in shuffle mode, I should be able to. Instead, I have to add my song to queue, queue the playlist, and then go back to the queue and start from here on the song I wanted to start with.

That’s anything but intuitive.

Here’s what it looks like doing it:

  1. Click the song you want to start the shuffle with

  1. Queue the song

  1. Queue the playlist

  1. Remove the duplicate song from the queue by clicking the queue button and then finding the song, clicking the song, and then another click to remove from queue

Every other music client on the planet:

One click. Not 10.

Roon is different than every other music client, but it doesn’t need to be less intuitive.

Hi @Ben_Humphrey,

In Roon, clicking on tracks is for track based functionality…

What you wish to do is shuffle the whole playlist … to do this use follow the advice given by Brian …

The default action is to add the playlist in order to the queue… a lot of people want this.
To shuffle it, just click the small down arrow and select shuffle… 2 clicks job done.

Note: if shuffle is your thing … the default action can be configured to do this in settings.

Hope this helps.

Then you should make a Feature Request.

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