When I look at genres, Roon tells me that Artists are in my Library that aren't? How do I remove them from my Library?

Hi, when I look at my genres, Roon displays me Rap. I hate Rap and I would never add Rap music to my Collection. There were 2 Pop-Albums, which were categorized incorrectly. I changed that a while ago. Yet the genre is still there with Artists displayed as in my Library, even though they are not. I can’t find them when I click on the Artists button itself in my Library, but when I click on them, I can heart them which means there are in my Library, but I can’t see on which Song/Album they should have contributed. This also happend to me with other Artists: I could ban Taylor Swift, even though she isn’t in my Library and most likely never will be. So my main Question is: How can I remove the Rap-Artists or the whole genre from my Library?

Those artists in your library are associated with the genre, which us why it is displayed.

For example …

And, if I work through the references, it’s this release, which is missing one disc, where that artist appears.

It’s not possible to remove the association, and therefore, the genre. Since I don’t use genres and enjoy Rap in its various forms, this isn’t a problem for me.

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You cannot delete a genre but you can edit its parent genre. Just create a new genre like „Hidden genres“, then make this the parent genre of Rap or whatever.

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@Martin_Webster Okay, thank you for the Answer, but out of interest, how exactly did you found out which Album it was?
@Suedkiez That’s a good Idea, thank you.

I clicked on the artist, and through to the discography, and selected releases in my library. Maybe this is a better example, since the track is in my library.

Louisa Fuller …

Note the genres …

I have none of her releases, but she appears in one of my albums …

And the track is shown …

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@Martin_Webster Okay, this is weird: When I try to do this in the Discography tap, the library icon is greyed out! I tried this for 2 of them. They don’t appear anywhere! I still don’t understand how the can be in my Library, if they aren’t… Edit: At least for 3 of the Rappers this Worked. For 2 of the cases I have a Solution: In 1 Case different musicians (a multi-instrumentalist and a rapper) were mixed into one. In another Case Roon had simply credited the wrong Singer.