When I play an album it starts properly on song 1 but then just keeps repeating song 1

my problem started with getting only random play but now the album starts but never leaves song 1

If you go into your queue what does this icon look like? It has 3 phases.
It should look like the first for normal playback.


Going to remove my thread into it’s own topic, I really do think something fishy is going on with repeat/shuffle.

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Can i jump in please! I’m having similar issues, since december 2021 as well. And I can’t for the life of me understand what’s going on.

I’m limiting myself to playing just on the core (as in, not using my phone or my laptop to control the core) - and as the OP suggests, when I hit ‘Play Now’ on albums, it’s queued up correctly, but repeat is often randomly enabled.

Sometimes ‘random’ is randomly enabled. And sometimes repeat goes to repeat(1), which I suspect probably happens when I haven’t noticed repeat was enabled before i load up something else to listen to.

It nearly always happens when I ‘Play Now’ an individual song, not always when I ‘Play Now’ an album.

Originally I thought it was an issue with the mobile app, as that’s where I noticed it first happening, but as before, i disallow their use - use only the core to control music, and it still happens.