When importing Albums and Updating MetaData...Better Throttling when Music is playing/streaming

Consider using less resources while Roon Imports and gets MetaData IF music is playing - in any zone.

What I have been seeing on my Core (i5) is when new albums are added, either your own or Tidal, CPU utilization will be in the 80-90%. During this time, I have had “some” pauses in playback on my Remote Roon - maybe a sec or two pause.

Once the import and Metadata (I believe) was done, the CPU% went back to 3-7% and no more pauses.

I would think Roon could be “smarter” about this and cut back on resources until playback stops, then “turn up the processor” to import/metadata.

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It’s a good idea… do you have an SSD?

Yes I have them in both Core and Remote

ah yes, we may need to throttle… on spinning disks, that disk does the throttling :smile: