When is ARC going to support MQA?

I have a dongle DAC for my iPhone, the Ztella (https://www.zorloo.com/ztella), which supports MQA but as a Render, which means the Roon Core needs to perform the Decode and the 1st unfold.
Roon ARC supports non-MQA Hi-Res PCM which is streamed from the Core to ARC and the dongle DAC plays 24/96, 24/174.6, 24/192 etc.
But MQA encoded formats are just played at the 16/44.1 basic FLAC container level.

Portable HiRes music please.

So listening via ARC to a Tidal Master Album, the playback status shows it to a MQA 88.2

I am better listening to this on the Tidal App which handles the MQA decode and let’s my dongle DAC work with the MQA 88.2 format.

I would prefer to just one App for my Mobile listening.