When is ARC going to support MQA?

I have a dongle DAC for my iPhone, the Ztella (https://www.zorloo.com/ztella), which supports MQA but as a Render, which means the Roon Core needs to perform the Decode and the 1st unfold.
Roon ARC supports non-MQA Hi-Res PCM which is streamed from the Core to ARC and the dongle DAC plays 24/96, 24/174.6, 24/192 etc.
But MQA encoded formats are just played at the 16/44.1 basic FLAC container level.

Portable HiRes music please.

So listening via ARC to a Tidal Master Album, the playback status shows it to a MQA 88.2

I am better listening to this on the Tidal App which handles the MQA decode and let’s my dongle DAC work with the MQA 88.2 format.

I would prefer to just one App for my Mobile listening.

I am having similar issues on my S23 Ultra. Roon Arc will use usb exclusive mode and output flac without resampling which is good. However it wont output MQA and my DAC will only read it as a PCM 44khz or 48khz stream. Note that Tidal app and usb audio player pro do bit perfect MQA just fine.
Another annoying issue is any notification sound will cause the audio to mute. Again tidal app wont do this.

It’s on the roadmap, quite soon. Please hang tight :wink: