When is the Auto Room Tuning feature coming out?

Roon DSP is so great, how nice it would be if Roon released a microphone and automatically tuned the room correction DSP when measured with the microphone, like Generek SAM.

When will this feature be released?

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Roon do not publish a roadmap for new features, so you won’t get an answer to your question here.

Moreover, this isn’t a #support request, to I’m moving it to #roon. You may wish to consider posting in #feedback:feature-suggestions.

You can already use a 3rd party app to automatically create filters which can then be loaded into Roon.

The HouseCurve app is a good, low cost and easy-to-use option to start off with.

If you want to get more advanced there are free desktop apps like REW that allow you to create more complex filters.

Thank you… I didn’t know about this or that it was possible. Now downloaded and using! :slight_smile:

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