When Linking Zones sound drops out

I have two mu-so’s and when I link the Zones (via AirPlay) the sound drops out for about 5-10 seconds. After that everything works fine.

Has anyone else observed this problem or know of a fix?

This was happening prior to the current updates.

Thanks in anticipation.

A short drop out happens whenever Zones ar grouped together to sync then upzones. On my setup this is around 1 sec or so. Not sure why it should take 5 to 10 seconds.

Yeah, the pausing while grouping takes the polish off the feature slightly. Similarly ungrouping, I think you might have to resume play also.
It’s more like 1-3 seconds for me though and that’s RAAT grouping.

Hi Phil, I’m used to using the grouping with Sonos where there was no silence, it just worked. That said I imagine there’s plenty of fine tuning ahead where these “issues” will get picked up.
Using Roon to control Naim via AirPlay must be a developers nightmare… :wink:

Differences in “outage” are probably due to variations in the devices being used, I guess.