When listening to a box set partially have the possibility to put a flag in order to resume listening from that point

I have several box sets in my collection. I often start listening and then I don’t know where I was when I take it back the next day. It would be really helpful for me to have a way to put a flag or something like that to remind me where I came to listen and continue from there.

Perhaps an inspection of your play history would give you what you want.

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You’re right. But if it’s been days since listening to the box set and if you have listened to dozens and dozens of other tracks in the meantime, it becomes boring to go through the play history.

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I expect that you are using a phone as a remote. On a tablet or PC each track has a play count which makes it easy to find the track from where to continue playback. The lack of space is probably the reason why this isn’t in the phone app.

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It is true. In fact, the counter is present on the tablet and it was actually easy to trace the last track played. Having recently Roon, I must admit that I had not yet explored the meaning of those numbers next to the track. I apologize.

You an also save the outstanding part of the queue as a playlist, eg “Rest of boxed set…”

I did something like this using a filter in the “My Tracks” screen, and then bookmarked that selection. Like this:

When I go to this bookmark, the first non-played symphony is always at the top. :slight_smile: