When roon 2.0 running on ipad, roon on Win11 PC cannot start

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC7i5 running ROCK, PC i7 gen 9 running Win11, ipad running iOS15.7, all updated to latest version.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

netgear nighthawk wifi mesh AX1600 with 1 satellite, connected a pair of B&W formation duo.

Connected Audio Devices

B&W formation duo connected with wifi

Number of Tracks in Library

5000 tracks

Description of Issue

ipad running roon 2.0 build 1127, nuc running ROCK roon 2.0 build 1128, PC roon 2.0 remote.
When playing music with ipad roon runs fine, when I also start PC roon it hangs.

Hi @Albert_Lau,
Roon 2.0 Build 1133 is out now, can you update all your devices to it … and see if it helps.

My problem solved. Thanks.

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