When selecting "NOT QOBUZ, TIDAL", local albums that were also favorited in Tidal or Qobuz do not appear

As the title says:

If you’ve favorited an album in Qobuz or Tidal, and you’re setting FOCUS on Format, and selecting “NOT TIDAL/QOBUZ”, the local album seems to be missing from the filter.

I use Qobuz and Tidal mostly on the go, plus for some of the songs/albums I haven’t bought personally. But albums I do own, I often want to listen to on the go as well, which means I’ll use them in playlists and favorites on those apps as well. But at home, I may prefer my local copy to be played on my HiFi system using Roon.

It seems to be just a bug though, can you guys test and fix it please?

FAQ: I have multiple versions of the same album, but I only see one album cover. Where are the other versions?

I don’t think that this will display hidden albums.

Right, go into settings and change “hidden albums”.
If the T/Q versions were primary, the other ones are hidden so you don’t see multiples in the browser, and then you eliminated T/Q.
Would be nice if a Roon understood what you meant, but…

It would sure be nice if that setting were easier to access directly from the Focus UI.

You can make a feature request.
In this case, I would recommend you describe the issue and ask for a solution, rather than describe the solution. The Roon team knows their internal data structure best.

For example, if I have 10 versions and the primary is Qobuz, showing “hidden” albums would show all nine…

It not a bug, it is by design … as per @AndersVinberg post … I’d suggest creating request and describe the use case of why the behaviour should be changed.

If you also tick hidden in focus you will see all your local files. I think there is a need to be able set multiple files to primary as you can only do one album at a time.