The new tags are making life a lot easier, but when should you use ROONALBUMTAG and when should you use ROONTRACKTAG please?


I think the clue is in the name.

  • If you want the metadata to apply to the album as a whole, use ROONALBUMTAG in a track file.
  • If you want the metadata to apply only to the particular track, use ROONTRACKTAG

Should have been obvious. I have Roon since 2015, and never used the Tracks-view.

Suggestions for software to add these roonalbumtags?

I cannot seem to see a way to do it with MP3 tag whilst dBPoweramp lets me do one album at a time whereas Iā€™d like to tag all my MOFI albums which are all in the same folder in one go.


If you use Windows File Explorer to select multiple albums, you can use the right-click menu to bring up the dBpoweramp Edit ID-Tag option.

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