When two hearts best as one: PIAS and Pias

I have PIAS and Pias showing up as two different labels within Roon, ther a way to eliminate the duplication and merge them?

I don’t think label merge is available but you can use Focus -> Labels -> ... to filter out both pias and then change the label of one of the pias to the other’s version.

I’d think it’s more efficient for Roon to make the change in its side so it can cascade across the user base rather than require every affected user that notices to edit

Sure that would be nicer but maybe not more efficient or even “right”. That’s why I was hinting at a way to correct this on the client side to your liking.

We (seem to) know that there’s no metadata AI working on this kind of things yet – and probably not for the foreseeable future.

Roon would have to take release time and place into account when deciding what’s the right label name of a particular release and may also need some kind of internal grouping to deliver meaningful search results when one searches for a label by typing in just “pias” …

Yip, but PIAS and Pias is a much simpler thing to consolidate, whereas one may wish to keep the others separate.