When using 7" Display and inverted operation seems to result in a worse viewing angle

Hi @spockfish Harry, its been mentioned a few times on the Ropieee area about some issues with the display viewing angles making it harder too see some things…one case in point is the volume indication.

When changing the volume it gives a brighter level image its almost invisible when not being changed for uits that are inverted due to many case mounting options.

Any change to push up the brightness on that display info when the display is inverted? Something closer to album name colour/brightness?

Sitting on my desk

pushed back so you can see (just) the volume indication.

same as first shot but after a volume change it bumps the colour/brightness

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The viewing angle is a physical limitation of the 7” display: its apparently designed that way, so I’m not sure if @spockfish can improve it in software: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/display/
I’ve been looking for a case thats not upside down, which is probably the best solution.

I can see the rest of the display no issues its just the volume indication thats almost impossible to see…for the longest time I didnt even see it was there until my wife changed the volume on the OSMC remote and I saw it suddenly out of the corner of my as it sits on my desk…so its a small easy fix for anyone that uses volume setting display and and an inverted display setting.

If I look at it from about 20deg above it’s gone…0 degrees I can see it … -20 degrees its almost OK as per the screen shots