When viewing Album, Display Playlists a song is included in

Request to bring back an old feature that seems to have been removed?

In previous versions of Roon, I could open an album, and if certain tracks were already part of specific playlist, that playlist would be listed (linked, actually) in small text beside/below the tracks.

Track 1 - Playlists A, D, and F
Track 3 - Playlist B
Track 4 - Playlist B and D
Track 7 - Playlist C and E

It was really a great feature. A quick way to bounce from an album to a (related) playlist. And also a great feature for building new playlists, being able to see what tracks are already in certain playlists as you’re looking at an album and considering adding songs to specific playlists…

Please either let me know what setting I’m not finding to re-enable this, or if this feature has been removed, please consider bringing it back (even with an “on-off” option so that I might turn it back on but others can keep it off if they consider it “useless clutter”)…



Bump - because I really do miss this feature and would love to be given at least the OPTION to display “what playlists a track is already in” when viewing a particular album.


Hmmm… Roon brought this option back a month ago:

Improvements and Bug Fixes for Build 763:

  • Playlist and Tag links available on Album screen (enable on Settings > General)
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