When will AVM-devices be „roon ready“?

hello there

I recently became a proud owner of an Ovation CS 8.3 from the German audio manufacturer AVM ( https://avm.audio/masterpiece/ovation-cs-8-3-6-3/ )

their advertising said about a year ago that the device was “roon-ready”.

but obviously this is not the case, on my roon core (mac mini) the device is shown, but it is not possible to activate it.

recently AVM changed the advertising on their homepage to:

„Roon Ready is currently in certification for all audiophile masterpieces with AVM X-STREAM Engine® and will be available to end users shortly.“

  • can you please tell me when exactly „shortly“ will be and the AVM devices will finally get the „roon-ready“ certification?

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You need to ask the manufacturer of the equipment that question.
Roonlabs has a policy of not disclosing the status of certification.

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thanks, peter, for your quick answer!
AVM said, that they don’t know it -
so it seams, that I’ve no choice but to wait …
at least roon works with AVM as a “core audio” device :wink:

AVM it’s Roon Ready now.

Thanks, Remo!
Yes, I know and use it on my AVM CS 8.3 since october (?).
It‘s working pefectly since then and the sound even seems to have improved a little more.

I get mine AVM Ovation MP 6.3 in 2 weeks. :grinning:

Hi, Roon fan from Belgium looking for a Roon Ready integrated amp here :slight_smile:

AVM is recommended to me by a local dealer.
Can AVM users share their experience? SQ? Roon integration? etc? :slight_smile:

roon works perfectly with AVM devices!
but the device must be roon-ready and the AVM X-STREAM Engine® have to be installed
(e.g. AVM30 CS 30.3)