When will new Nucleus hardware be released?


I am looking to purchase the Nucleus i3 CPU version and I would like to know when a new hardware will be coming. Also, where this hardware can be checked if it’s the latest version or the previous generation? Is there a web page where the part numbers are being displayed?

How are the HW updates made by Roon Labs documented, do you keep the same part number and change the NUC for inside, or are you coming with a new part number when the upgraded version will come?

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There is only one version of the Nucleus in i3 and i7 variations. I don’t know of any plans to update it yet.

I am more interested if a new hardware revision will be released and when. I would prefer to have the latest chipset when I buy a device that costs almost 2.000eur.

Roon does not pre-announce, sorry.

In computing there is always the potential for new hardware around the corner. I have gone from a gen 5 NUC to a gen 8 silent M-ITX solution in two years (late in on the first, early in on the second) but the gen 9 chips are already out there. The reality is that Roon benefits from good single core performance so six cores on the latest chips offer relatively little over the twin core i7 in the Nucleus.

But if you want the latest, ROCK now works well on the latest 300 series chipsets, and on the latest NUCs so you can do a lot with a self build.

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