When will NUC10 be supported for ROCK?

Is there any news regarding ROCK’s support on NUC10?
It has been on the market for a while now.
From what I read, it is enough that the technical support inserts the drivers for the integrated network card.

So I avoid having to buy a NUC 8 and the next day to see NUC10 fully supported.

If you could know when NUC10 support is expected, I would decide whether to wait for the purchase or not.

I don’t think there is a way to know an exact date. People have figured out ways around it and gotten it to run, but still not ‘officially supported’, and you may not want to go to those extremes.
Is there some particular aspect of NUC10 you don’t see in a NUC8, for example?
I’d be really surprised if there is some substantial performance advantage that lets you do things with a NUC10 that can’t be done with a NUC8. But you might see something that is particularly interesting for you. And you are the one who matters.

I have a nuc8i3beh that can run rock upsampling to DSD512 while doing convolution and filtering. What else would you need it to do?

Why would I ever buy a NUC8 for the same price as 10? It’s not a question of performance. When I have to resell it it will be a previous model and will devalue more than a NUC10. Also if I want to use it for other purposes it has a slower wifi.
It is the old model and costs like the new one.
It would be enough for ROON support to declare when it will be compatible. With the money of 1 annual subscription they can buy a NUC and do all the tests they want and release the image. I thought they would have done it a few months ago, then I can understand the COVID problem, but it was enough to order one online and make small corrections compared to 8.

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Where are you living where you can buy a NUC10 for $119?
But I understand, you want the latest model for all the reasons we all want the latest model.
I guess Roon have to consider they get paid by subscriptions and Nucleus, and ROCK is a freebie.
They’re always stuck in the middle.

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I would imagine it’s low priority, nucleus is their revenue stream. Rock is just a courtesy.

I was wrong, I meant a perpetual subscription.
In any case 700 € is nothing for a company.
Rock do not consider it a gift or a courtesy, but part of the cost of € 110 per year that I pay, to have the sw license of Roon and Rock. It is this set of services that made me decide to use Roon and pay for it. Nucleus is another product that I have decided not to buy. I don’t see why you have to take up their defense or minimize.
I only asked in the official Roon forum when they think they will release support for NUC10, before spending money on a product that will be old and will stop before releasing BIOS updates, drivers etc. I am not buying a Nucleus, I want to buy a NUC, now I will install ROCK, tomorrow I am free to use it for anything else. I don’t see why I have to justify myself. :wink: I wait for one of the company to give an official answer.
I didn’t say I want it right away, I just need to burst when, then I’ll adjust accordingly.

Well, that’s the problem. They will almost certainly not give a definitive answer, time-wise. They never do.
You certainly don’t need to justify yourself. We never know the basis for why someone asks a question. If there is a specific reason, perhaps the forum can help address it. Wanting the latest NUC is good enough reason. That’s what most of us do.

I think this is an incorrect statement. Roon has basically said ‘We release ROCK as a favor’. You pay for the Roon license. ROCK is a gift.

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ok this I didn’t know.
It remains that I would not want to buy a NUC8 and after 1 month see that 10 is supported. At the moment there is no price difference between the 2. The 10 resells better, has a better wifi and will have further support with the BIOS updates.