When will Nucleus v2 be available?

Believe this will change as hardware form function evolves. Easy fix, plug in an external drive/server till bigger capacity small form SDs available?

My old music pc lasted for 13 years! My ‘new’ one is faster of coarse (duh) but it sounds exactly the same.

Maybe the inclusion of a pair of SFP Ethernet ports could be an option for v2. This would allow it to work in tandem with compatible switches or renderers with optical inputs.

I just enquired about buying a roon nucleus here in the UK. Was told that there was a long wait for delivery, which is potentially because of an external redesign of the nucleus exterior. Is this correct?

Units have been shipping worldwide for a few weeks now. I believe the UK should be getting their units shortly.

It’s a slight modification, not a redesign. The chassis is shorter, with a slightly larger footprint.

May I kindly ask why it was modified and what are the key differences between the old and the new design?

There’s nothing wrong with the first Nucleus. I’m more than happy with mine.


We moved production from China to the US and used this as an opportunity for fixing some minor issues.

For example, with a larger footprint, doing technical support on the unit is easier.


Can fit taller SSD drives in the base now too?

yes. this was also fixed.


Cool. Is it possible to upgrade the old Nucleus to the new design?

Does the new case have a LED in the front that tells you if its on? I would probably buy a new one just for that…:slight_smile:

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If you talking about migration, yes – just do a backup/restore. If you are talking about us taking back your old gear, there is no such program.


It does not – it’s a very minor update.

However, it was a conscious part of our design to exclude the LED on the front. I can’t fathom why anyone would want another useless LED that never turns off. Can you tell me why you desire the LED? Do you ever turn off your unit?


My Nucleus+ is in a rack. The power button on back is not very accessible. I can just reach my hand behind it while it is in the rack and get to it. I’ve had situations where I’ve had to turn the power on and off – I upgraded the USB cable that connects to my AV receiver (I use a direct connect for 5.1 tracks); I added a LPS; I had a power outage and am not sure if it came back on or not, etc, etc. Since I can’t see the light in the back I’m never sure which state it’s in and have to go back to the web interface to see if it is up or not. It’s quite annoying. Every other piece of audio equipment in my racks (and I have lots of them) has a front LED and I can tell if they are on or off. It doesn’t have to be big and doesn’t have to be bright but I would not say front LEDs are useless IMHO and for me the power light in the back is useless.

If its that important to you, why not plug as USB powered LED lamp into one of the USB ports?

Kind of kludgy to spend 2k+ for a nucleus+ and then have to do this but it’s at least a possible band aid. Thanks!

Ok, thanks. How about if you some day release a new linear PSU for the Nucleus - does the PSU’s casing match with the new or old design of the Nucleus?

See the following post:

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I ordered a Nucleus + on August 2nd. About a week ago, I was told I was caught in the transition/production teething period moving from China to the U.S. I don’t know where in the queue I am, but the dealer said they should have the unit by the end of next week (the end of August). I am in the U.S.

Watching this thread, I am glad to be getting the new device, especially with the opportunity to have a larger SSD. It may change where I store my music.