When will Roon get an update and have different rows for Studio Albums, Live Albums and Compilation Albums

Hi everyone,

Maybe the question have been asked before, but let me try again…
Roon currently displays the list of albums by artists only in 2 types: Albums and Singles/EP’s.
I really wish that there was an option to sort by album type:
Studio Album
Live Album
Compilation Album
That would make my library much better organized…

Anyone else has the same desire?

Thanks for sharing and maybe we can ask Roon that in a next release this feature will be introduced.


@Jacob_Roebers I believe you will go a fair way to achieving what you are after by using the Focus feature in either the Artist Discography page or thru Albums Page using Filter to find your artist and the albums you have in your library and then Focus to find Live or Compilations.

Focus is a very powerful way to view your collection. You can bookmark these views, too.