When will the annual subscription go up, and what will it be?

I’m not making a statement; I’m asking a question.

Also, your entire post is out of context. The context of my question was that they were willing to pay $119 for an annual, and if the price of the annual goes up (which I’m not saying it will), where would they go. Clearly the $119 did not stop them.

I think you missed that this is not the topic about lifetime price :slight_smile:

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It’s a good question actually. Where would you go? There’s currently nothing else comparable. It you couldn’t afford a price increase then you would do without. I get that concept.

Yes, my response was in context of the annual. You have an industry leading product, that’s beyond question. Your competitors only compete with you on the level of price, except for those who prefer the old school way of library management due to familiarity, or the mobile capabilities of the Tidal or Quboz apps. I’m not arguing your annual price is too high, but rather answering the “where would they go” statement by saying they would go back to whatever less expensive, or free software they were using before. Not necessarily because it’s better, but because it’s less expensive.

Those factors don’t play as much a role in well heeled audiophile circles, but in the mass market where low cost or free reigns, I don’t see how nearly anyone would not choose Roon except for price, annual or otherwise. Please don’t take that as a criticism of your pricing, it’s not intended that way.

Unfortunately you’ve stated the obvious. If they are leaving because of a price increase, they aren’t going to go to something MORE expensive :joy:

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You did ask “where would they go?” Not sure how else to ask an obvious question except with the obvious answer :rofl:

oh, there are lots of places to go…

I’m curious if there are others and the exact reasons why those (and other) alternatives would be contenders.

There is nothing comparable at this price with respect to features and quality.

In another thread I discussed multi year subscriptions. If you are going to maintain the annual subscription price or even lower prices, multi-year subscriptions would be a way to reward longer term subscribers with a better price, or with free term (extra months) of the subscription.

That is very subjective based on need and/or specific use cases.

Also, if the price hypothetically went up, that changes the calculation.

I know it sounds like I’m arguing to leave Roon, but I’m really trying to understand the reasoning of those who are in the market to leave. If you have a lifetime, I’m not concerned :slight_smile:

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I like this idea. It’s being used in other sectors like TV streaming - pay monthly for e.g. Crave/DAZN etc. or get a year for the price of 10 months, etc.

I’m extremely happy with Roon and don’t believe there is a credible alternative for my purposes, so will continue to pay for it, particularly as the product is continually developing (for the better IMHO). People complaining about being constantly beta-tested by Roon clearly don’t have an Apple product :crazy_face:

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I have a lifetime subscription, so you should have no concern with me. Almost four years. I do use Audirvana, and Bryston MPD at times. Choices are good, as are alternatives. When Catalina crashed Roon, options were available.

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NAD have being offering Dirac lite with a $100 upgrade to full fat on their AV amps, the new M10 has Dirac full fat included as does the new AV amp

When they offer this as an MDC module upgrade to the rest of us older users it will cost $400 and we will jump at it, you know how that happens.

Maybe you could upsell the software inside roon ?


I think a more interesting question is “What are you willing to give up for a lower cost?”

It seems some/many users view Roon as just a music player, and I think to myself “You must be crazy paying that much to just play your music!”. But it impossible to know what they don’t put a value on. If you are playing your ripped “Chicago” CDs to a Bose soundbar, RAAT doesn’t matter, streaming integration doesn’t matter, music discovery doesn’t matter, etc. But still they were attracted to Roon, have become dismayed because they can’t scroll horizontally, and leave. That isn’t a price choice (?), but still there are things they don’t value, because really, horizontal scrolling isn’t a market differentiator.

So if somebody really likes Roon a lot and they aren’t leaving for hurt feelings, but a lower price, what is it in Roon that they willing to trade off?

Martin – Yes I did see that and it seems extremely comprehensive. Thank you for checking and providing the link. I need to spend more time exploring it. Actually part of the fun for me is to figure out how to utilize Roon. When I have a question, how do I do this in Roon, I often can not find the answer (it is probably my brain). The community responsiveness has really exceeded my expectations so I will probably do some additional posts when I have questions (after checking the User Guide).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone by the way…


My financial life circulates around monthly payments, in some cases annual payments so what’s different.

Many software products went to annual subscription, take Resharper a dev tool, that was probably 8 years ago , people moaned but it’s still there on that model

I firmly believe that to have an input into what a product does you must a part of it an this community. Moan as I will about stuff I try to be constructive

Roll on year 3 on 13 Dec, for me there is nothing even approaching Roon , even as. A dedicated JRiver user.

My only gripe really is that you only rent your metadata but …

In the list of places to go you haven’t included the various upnp servers such as Asset or MinimServer and the plethora of upnp control points that can be used with them. Whilst these control points user interfaces are not that great they do provide an alternative to Roon.

Do any of those have Qobuz or Tidal interfaces?

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Yes I think so, Im not that familiar with them but for example https://www.qobuz.com/be-nl/info/hi-fi/bancs-d-essai/the-mconnect-control-hd179558

I’ve logged to check if there was a discount to upgrade to lifetime on Thanksgiving Day. What a surprise! $200 UP!!

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Also missed Audirvana which interfaces both Tidal And Qobuz, bit of a messy interface for my taste but others swear by it

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Most people I know just use Spotify these days for a lot of reasons, some of which are very good reasons to.

Many people use sites like lastfm, online concertagendas from various venues and festivals, a site called “luisterpaal” and many many other sites like that over here I have never even heard of and various social media to discover new music. All these sites, many more than I will ever know, either stream directly via Spotify or have Spotify playlists on them. I can listen to all my friends music by just playing their listening history directly in Spotify via lastfm for instance. That’s the main attraction, Spotify is just everywhere these days. None of this can be done in Roon, nor in Tidal or Qobuz and that is the mean reason why almost no one I know is interested in Roon, besides the price. Besides that, Spotify has almost all of the music that people have ever posessed online so they have it automatically everywhere and Spotify has Spotify connect remote control which gets lots of use around me. So the question should not be where would the leavers go?, the question should be “how can we make Roon attractive to the new generation?” because before you know Roon is only catering dinosaurs. Personally I don’t like the Spotify interface (nor any other streaming app) but if I did I probably never would not have signed up on Roon either. The biggest attraction in Roon to me is the Tidal integration, without it it wouldn’t have much to give me. The biggest competition in the future will not be from Jriver, audirvana, mediamonkey and the whole lot. Those are all yesterdays news. The main competition will come from the native streaming apps once they finally see that a good funtioning app is the biggest challenge to set their selves apart from the competition. You’ll never know what Google might come up with for instance (apart from their failures in the past) It all goes pretty slow so my guess is that it will take another 5 years at least but by that time Roon looses even more of its attraction to a newer generation unless…Not to be negative in any way but that’s just what I see around me everyday.

Keep up the good work guys