"When Will The Blues Leave" Paul Bley

This ECM album showed up yesterday via Qobuz streaming, where it has correct metadata. However, I wanted to buy it for offline listening (I have a Qobuz Sublime+ subscription). The downloaded album is not identified automatically. If I try to identify it manually, I get two differently broken options (CD and digital), obviously drawn from this Rovi/AllMusic source

The digital release is actually just for a single of the title track. The CD release does not have a track listing. I was able to tweak the CD match to marginally identify the album, but it’s kind of ridiculous that Universal Music is failing to provide quality metadata to Rovi/AllMusic, given their dominance in the business.

Update: The CD release has full metadata on Discogs:

It’s quite unfortunate that Roon does not have a suitable arrangement with Discogs, who often are the first to have metadata for new releases.

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Hi @Fernando_Pereira,

We looked into this, and it looks like this is a newer release that we just don’t have much data for. Often times out metadata providers will get this data and, when they do, it will automatically update in Roon.

But Qobuz did… How do they get the metadata ahead of your sources? As I noted, Discogs had the data already.