Where are my DACs?

I had a DAC that I’ve used for a while. It’s seen by Roon Remote & works fine. I plugged two additional DACs into my NUC/ROCK and Roon Remote will see neither of them. Why?

Did you enable them in Roon - Settings - Audio and do the setup for each? Probably not, if Roon can’t see them. Are they turned on?

Problem solved. One can’t enable them from Roon Remote. When I fired up Roon on my MacBook Pro, and went to settings, they showed up there. Once I enabled them all were working.


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that shouldn’t be the case… if you have a Nucleus for example, the remote is the only interface.

but anyway, glad you got it working!

Maybe I just couldn’t find the right page in Remote - but once enabled, Remote saw them all right away, even though they were being powered by a USB breakout box. I’ve enabled three DACs all plugged into different inputs of my integrated amp. By switching inputs, I can compare the DACs. Doesn’t seem to stress the NUC at all…

I’ll be selling at least two of the three DACs and adding another next year. Good DACs are getting a LOT less expensive!

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