Where Are My Playlists?

Mac Mini 5,2 ( i5, mid-2011)…not that it is really important in this matter…

Recently had an issue where the Roon (v1.8) app would crash on Launch. Support, although they asked for lots of files and reports, failed to offer any help.

After spending three weeks on this problem, I have found the offending file on my own. Indeed, it was one of the Library/database files which apparently had become corrupted. Removing the file allowed Roon to finally fully launch.

As it is one of the app-generated files, I had hoped that Roon would replace it (if such was needed) and would otherwise be happy. Alas, that was not to be the case. It would seem that Roon remembered very little if anything and I needed to start over nearly from scratch.

I DO have a backup (some two months old, unfortunately…don’t judge) so I was able to get most of the previous state back…but not all of it.

Prior to all of this, I did archive the database contents and still have that archive compleatly untouched.

While I really don’t mind losing most of what’s gone…there are one or two things which I REALLY would love to get back.

Is there ANY way to extract from that archived database folder a listing of the DSP settings…or much more important… a track listing of any of the few still-missing playlists? I’m not asking if they can be restored…I’m only asking for just a textual track listing. Just something I could use to manually re-construct those Playlists. One in particular is quite long and very VERY important.

Any advice would be of great help.

Many Thanks