Where are playlists stored?

Where exactly on a Roon core are the playlists stored (Win 10)? I upgraded the hard drive in my home server and did a fresh install of Roon. I still have the old hard drive and would like to move my playlists to the new server. Where can I find them? I assume where I find them is also where I should put them on the new install, but if there is another wrinkle involved, please advise. Thanks.


Playlist are embedded in the Roon database.

Do you have a Roon backup from when Roon was on the old drive?

If so using Roon, restore that Roon DB onto you new drive.

If not … then it might work by copying all the Roon files from the old installation to the new one.


Checkout the Roon Knowledge Base on:

  • Transferring my Roon Core.
  • Where is the Roon database

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