Where are Roon 1.1 Metadata Preference Controls?

I always was slow in class…
Danny, I think that I understood what you were saying.
I pick a Genre in Uncategorised…I right click it and go to the edit view…it defaults Parent Genre to Prefer Roon Data…I select Edit and Choose Genre…I enter a label but then I cannot save this change. I see no other alternatives. There is a description section: I select Edit…it shows No Value…I select Paste and it tips in whatever text is in the buffer. I do not see how this gets me to my own Parent Genre for display with the Roon-mapped Genres.
I am stuck. Peter

@JP_: Just go to any Artist or Album and edit the artist/album, and add a genre called Metal (you can just type it in and hit enter, not picking from the dropdown). It’ll appear in Uncategorized.

I understand your opinion of “generic”, however, sometimes it’s nice to just go to all Heavy Metal, whether it be Doom, Thrash, or whatever other more specific type.

@PNCD: The Description area of the editor lets you paste in a long description for the genre. You only need to edit the top part which is the “Parent Genre” area of the editor. Just click on the checkbox on the right under “Edit” (this thing should be renamed to Manual Override or something), and then click “Choose Genre”.

Ok, that’s a workaround. But it means that all my Slayer albums are going to by tagged as ‘‘Thrash Metal’’ and ‘‘Metal’’ from now on. ‘‘Metal’’ being a generic parent genre which should only be used for the hierarchy IMO.

Guess I’ll have to live with that for now :smile: It’s far from a deal breaker anyway !

Wouldnt you want Motley Crue and Slayer both to be Heavy Metal, even tho their more specific genres make them quite different?

The way I see it:

If I choose Metal in Roon, I’d like to see:

  1. only artists which are tagged with the generic Metal genre (default behavior). This way, I would only see generic metal artists, let’s say late-era Mettalica, Slipknot, etc.
  2. all artists which fall under the Metal genre via a switch or checkbox (i.e. “Include all subgenres”). This way, I would see generic metal artists (Metallica, Slipknot, etc.), AND thrash metal (Slayer), AND glam metal (Motley Crue), AND…

At the bottom of the screen, user could choose to drill through specific subgenres (already possible in Roon).

It’s only a suggestion and other users may prefer another approach. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to discuss this, as it is only a minor issue I have with this awesome software.

And there exactly lies the issue… I would put Slipknot in both Heavy Metal and Nu Metal.

Everyone does this differently… your ‘include all subgenres’ is an interesting alternative to the very explicit case without changing the data model.