Where are the current Billboard charts on TIDAL in Roon?

There used to be a tab for “Charts” but I can’t find it any longer. I’ve attached the “Charts” tab from freestanding TIDAL, which as well is missing the Billboard charts — but I can’t even find this tab in Roon’s version of TIDAL.

I can find it searching in Google and it comes up then on freestanding TIDAL.

And I can save the Billboard 100 to my collection in freestanding TIDAL, but it doesn’t show up in Roon under my favorites in TIDAL.

Any help out there on this one? Thanks. JCR

Essentially these are playlists . If you favourite in Tidal it will sync to Playlists in Roon. Just done the UK chart one and it syncs fine.

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How long after you like it in TIDAL does it show up on your Roon playlists? I did so 15 minutes ago and nothing yet. Thanks. JCR

Update: another few minutes and it has shown up. Thanks.

You can force a Tidal sync from Roon settings/Services just click on sync button , other than that it can take a while for Roon to perform its Normal updates from Tidal.