Where are the playlists in Roon ARC?


Can someone point out where the playlists are in Roon ARC? I want to start using Roon ARC instead of the native Qobuz app on the go. Nog I only find my local album and tracks library and some sugestions from Roon. But I never use those things, I only play playlists. Most of my playlists are in Qobuz.
How do I select a playlist in Roon ARC?

Thanks in advance!

There was another issue involved: I didn’t see my actual playlists because my core wasn’t syncing anymore with the sonos arc app (bad connection bug). A reinstall of the Sonos Arc app today solved the issue.

I see. I hope it keeps working for you, all the best :slight_smile:
It’s been happening in the past for some people and reinstall or reset of ARC seems to help, sometimes together with going to the ARC settings in the main Roon app and clicking Reset there as well

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