Where are the star ratings?

I am anxious to have the star ratings return. We were told below that they would be returning soon. When can we expect this to occur?

“Throughout 1.8, we have made an effort to put lists of albums in the right order so the best stuff is first–the idea is, we don’t need this extra element in the interface to do something that is already captured in the sort order. In any case, due to popular demand, we are planning to bring this back as an option.”

Please check
Settings > General > Customise album display > show album rating

Awesome. Yes, it sure is. I was not aware that I had to adjust my setting. Very thankful.

Strange, even though the “show album rating” is turned off, it shows up if I’m looking at the album page. If I turn on the switch, does it show up elsewhere?

It only affects the icons and descriptions on album thumbnails (overview, discography, album browser,…). The rating on the album page is part of the general description I suppose and it’s always there.

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