Where can I find a list of supported NUC's for ROCK?

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been going around the houses here trying to find a list of supported NUC’s or at least minimum specs & you think it would be easy!!

I thought I found the info & then noticed it said “see supported NUC’s”…but there isn’t a link so I’m back to square one!

I’m assuming minimum would be i3 with 4GB RAM for ROCK but it’s not very clear??

Also, what are the advantages of running ROCK on a NUC, vs running windows on a NUC & setting up ROON core Vs just setting up the core on my laptop?


It’s here: https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/roon-optimized-core-kit#More_about_ROCKs_hardware_support Scroll down, and see:

  1. NUC5i3xxx
  2. NUC5i5xxx
  3. NUC6i3SYx
  4. NUC6i5SYx
  5. NUC7i3BNx
  6. NUC7i5BNx
  7. NUC7i7BNx
  8. NUC7i3DNx
  9. NUC7i5DNx
  10. NUC7i7DNx
  11. NUC8i3BEx
  12. NUC8i5BEx
  13. NUC8i5BEx
  14. NUC8i7BEx
  15. NUC10i3FNx
  16. NUC10i5FNx
  17. NUC10i7FNx
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Oh dear, the one link I didn’t click, I kept on using the search function!
I feel a bit silly now

ROCK on a NUC gives you a Roon appliance for exploring and playing music, and managing your music collection. Similar to a microwave being an appliance for heating or defrosting food. They do what they are designed to do, do it very well, and do nothing more than that.

Windows on a NUC gives you a general purpose PC that can be used for many things. It’s also a more complex environment that needs somewhat more care and feeding.

Roon Core on a Windows laptop is a great way to explore what Roon is, but personally, I moved it off to a dedicated device pretty quickly. First to a NUC running Windows and then to a NUC using ROCK. An appliance is my preferred way of having a Roon Core that just works.


going 8/16GB ram will future proof the library size issues. you definitely want an NVMe drive but 128GB is more than enough. if you can get a fanless chassis (AKASA) and if you want to run an internal music storage drive you might need the taller NUC options that support an extra SATA drive with connection hardware. Lib drive doesn’t need to be SSD bit its quite if you not need a huge library

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