Where can I find my Qobuz album purchases in Roon 1.8?

Where can I find the list of my Qobuz album purchases in Roon 1.8? Am I blind? I searched for my purchased albums under Qubuz->My Qobuz, but there are only favorites and so on. How can help me with a tip?


This has never been availble.
I just add a tag for each ‘source’ where I buy digital downloads, so I have tags for Qobuz, Bandcamp, 7 Digital, and some.
Of course you have to maintain that yourself.

Oh, that is pity. :frowning:
Thanks for the tip with the tags as little workaround. In Audirvana the list with purchased Qobuz albums is available, so the API of Qobuz provides the data.

I want to ask the developer of Roon: Do you read my feature request here? :slight_smile:

The Roon forum is the place for official support