Where did all the Tidal Masters albums go? [Resolved]

Not sure what I did, but now when I select Tidal > Albums > Masters > view all I get only 47 Masters Albums; less than two full pages. I used to get many pages and several hundred Masters albums. Pretty sure Roon used to displayed the exact same Masters “view all” list Tidal did.

When I open the Tidal app, the Masters albums are still all there.

Roon Settings > Services shows I am still logged into Tidal.

Did I somehow make a mess of the “Focus” selection? I did click “reset” several times.

What have I done wrong?
I look forward to your help.

I have the same issue, not sure what happened.

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We’re looking into this guys.


Apologies for the inconvenience everyone; this is now fixed. The TIDAL API is doing some unexpected things and it threw off our code. Hopefully, the code is now a bit more bulletproof.

But on a positive note, we are now returning more Masters albums than the TIDAL app :slight_smile:.

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Wonderful news, thanks a bunch Joel!
If my math is right, Roon now has over 600 MQA albums on offer. Awesome!

As a reward, why don’t you take the rest of the day off? You can tell your boss I said it’s OK.:wink:

I’m really enjoying Roon and high quality MQA music!