Where did my James Taylor go?

Something weird is happening with James Taylor in Roon. When I search for and select James Taylor as Artist, none of the albums in my library show up. However, if go back to search results page and scroll down to the Library Albums section I see all the albums. Each album is correctly tagged as James Taylor.

Here is the James Taylor artist page:

Here is the Library Albums section of search where you can see all the James Taylor albums I have that is not shown on the Artist page:

James is alive and well in my setup.

Very odd…I had to go back into each album and re-identify them, even though all I did was select the album that was already used. Now all the albums seem to showing up fine. The is the second time good ol James has gone missing in my library.

I spoke too soon. Something weird keeps happening. The albums keep getting removed from the artist page.

Moving to @support .

Yesterday, I renamed my James Taylor folder on my NAS. As expected Roon rescanned and correctly placed all the albums on the artist page. I then changed the folder name back to the original “James Taylor” and Roon rescanned again. Since last night, everything is ok but I will monitor since this has happened before to poor ol James Taylor. Maybe Roon doenst like James and has a secret feature to hide him? :slight_smile:

Well it happened again…James Taylor has gone missing. This time it happened right in front of my eyes. When browsing James Taylor, one by one the albums moved from the Main Albums section to the With James Taylor section.

Any idea what’s happening???

Hello @tboooe,

Sorry to hear that the James Taylor albums are still disappearing for you. I have a few suggestions I want you to try:

  • Can you please navigate in Roon to see if the James Taylor requires cleanup in your library? You can navigate to this option in Settings -> Library -> Clean Up Library. It should look something like this:

  • Can you please see if Roon is skipping his albums for some reason? This option is located in the same Library sub-menu:

Furthermore, if you are still experiencing the issue after having performed my above steps, I would kindly ask you to repeat the process you have done to get them to show up on the Artist page initially (renaming the folder and then re-adding it). I would then ask you to note the exact local time in your country that you notice them disappearing from the Artist page (ex. 4:45PM) and let me know that exact timestamp here. I have gone ahead and enabled diagnostics mode on your account and what that will do is next time your core is active, a log report will automatically be generated and sent to our servers. I can cross-reference with the timestamp that you provide and see if Roon is moving these albums for a particular reason. Please let me know your observations to my above steps when possible.