Where do convolution files reside on ROCK?

This sounds like a simple question, but it is more like a call for help …

I had a convolution file running on my ROCK that a friend made for me and everything was great. Now I stupidly deactivated that file to try something and only now I realize that I do not have easy access to that file (or maybe no access at all – at the moment it is not clear if that file still exists on his computer).

Now ideally someone could point me to the path on ROCK where the system stores these files.
I tried a file search for the name of the filter file on the ROCK SSD but that search came up empty.

Any tips how I can possibly get that file back?

They live wherever you point the browse to

I’d be interested in this too.

@ged_hickman1, I’m not sure I follow. If I were to load a convolution filter, initially stored on my mac, and subsequently initiate playback from my iphone remote to a random zone, the convolution filter is not used? It would make a whole lot more sense if the filters were transfered to the Roon Core so they can be used from every remote.

As far as I know they are stored on the core, probably even in the db. But I assume they are endpoint specific?

Sure: Originally they live where you point the browse to, when you upload them.

But my situation is, that the file resided on my friend’s laptop and that laptop left my house over a year ago. Since then I used the file on my ROCK to optimise playback on my streamer. It worked flawlessly and obviously the file must have been somewhere in my system (probably on the ROCK).
But where exactly and how can I access it to re-upload it?

As of now this has turned from a call for help to just a question that interests me.

Wherever this file resides, it is part of the normal backup-routine, so a simple restore solved my problem.
But still: I would like to know where I can find the file itself

I’ve wondered this too. My solution has been to always create or save a DSP Preset immediately after uploading filters to Roon’s convolution engine. This has saved me more times than I can count.

I assume the filters are stored in the database since they return after a database restore.

AFAIK, it’s as @David_Snyder says: the content of the convolution file is imported into the Roon database - the file itself is not copied across to the ROCK system.

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The are in DATABASEDIR/Database/Core/Convolution/

Depending on what “deactivate” means, it might still be there, or it might be gone. The filename will not match your filename–it will be gobbledygook, but the contents are the file that you uploaded.


Thanks, @brian !
This is the info I was looking for :+1:

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